Latest news 2010

The end of the year is near and we have little time to think about the past year.
On January Erdík scared us, but after the surgery he was quickly put in order and we celebrated
his thirteenth birthday this year.
Our “small” Leňušiak  is already really big dog, sometimes he even looks like adult, sometimes he is
still a big funny kid.
This year he became junior champion of Slovakia and Czech Republic and during the year he became
candidate for Champion of  Slovakia, Hungary and Interchampion. In our RR  club competition he won title
Young male of 2010 SKCHR
But most of all we are happy that he is a great dog with perfect character and he is our sweetheart.


Last weekend I thought that we have last nice autumn days, but this weekend was beautiful 
weather also, we spent our walks with our mini friend poodle Rox. Pictures you can see here

07.11.2010 FALL PHOTOS
Almost all leaves are down from the trees in our forest, so the light is a little bit better to take some pictures.
We enjoyed our everyday walk and here you can see fall gallery


18.10.2010 CACIB KOMÁROM
The Komarom CACIB shows we like very much, because of very nice scene. The weather tis autumn was 
not very pleasant, but we had a perfect weekend with our RR friends.
On Saturday the number of entered dogs was not very big, but there was top dogs fom Slovak and
Czech breeding. Our result:


We went to Celje especially to see the most famous ridgebacks, but when I find thet there will be
only one ring, I entered Lennox too. Conditions in the hall was terrible, but anyway
we saw many top european ridgebacks and was not dissapointed.
In a strong open class, in competition with dogs from famous breeders, Lennox got excellent 3 and
we were wery happy and proud.
Thanks Ildi and Štefan for Lennox and for being with us. 
Pictures are the same as the light was :-(

18.09.2010 CLUB SHOW KCHRR
First time we entered the ring in open class on the CLUB SHOW KCHRR with results:
EXC 3/10, best head 4th place, best ridge 1st place
Thanks Ivka, Karolínka a Airin for a nice day and pictures.



This week already second girl came to visit us and Lennox is very pleased :-)
Our sister Jade came for a walk with us and then we continued on the garden - like when
they were pupies 

 Leňušiak is two years old. He is almost two years with us and Erdo and life with him is great.
We wish you to be with us at least so long time as Erdo is. 





On Friday, on terrible heat 35 degrees we went to Mlada Boleslav. Accommodation was excellent, but also
warm and we all had very bad night with only a few hours of sleeping. In the morning there
were some clouds, but when we entered the ring sun was already shining and after 40 minutes I was completely demolished. Lennox did not want to run and no wonder. Anyway, we were very satisfied with
Excellent 3 from Mrs. Elizabeth Hammerschmidt.
On Sunday, we turned south to Szombathely, Hungary. Weather was much more better and we got
our third Hungarian CAC.

19.06.2010 CACIB BRNO
After a long time we went to the show in Czech Republic and we were not bad at all. Judge Mr Havelka
(as usually) said out loud what he thinks about any dog and I am not sure whether there was a dog,
which found flawless :-)
Our middle class he called "unfortunate category, where immature males compete for the titles of adult”
and I must admit that it is true. There was lot of very good judgments, and so Exc2, res CAC
is nice result for us. We'll just have to wait for Lennox´s maturity :-)
Photos today will not be any, in the middle  of show our card stopped work ...

14.06.2010 ON THE COTTAGE
Finally we had free weekend with good weather and so we went to our cottage in the
middle of Slovakia. The temperature was not so high here like in Bratislava and we
all enjoyed  beautiful  scenery. 0890


04.-05.06.2010 CAC SENEC-CACIB NITRA
Show in Senec was very pleasant for us this year, even as the weather and also the result. Judge Polgár
liked Lennox´s elegance and we got Exc.1, CAC.
On Saturday in Nitra was almost all upside down, Mr. Delmar seemed Lennox´s  teeth small and we got  Exc 4.
Thanks Dianka for picture and thanks to all our friends who spent the show time with us for very
pleasant days.

26.05.2010 ERDÍK IS 13 YEARS OLD
Today our Erdik celebrate (and both we do) his 13th birthday. A few years we say only
we love you and we are happy that you are with us.
I would like to say that after the operation on january he is doing very well. Since march he manage 4-5 times
a week our 1,5 hour walks and he is always verry happy. And I think the best for him is to make him active,
not to let him sleep all days. 


24.05.2010 CACIB KOMÁROM
So it was warmer than 25 degrees and our African dog is not very happy on this temperature. Plus cut on his
paw (it had to happen to him on Friday on a walk and I found it on Saturday in the ring, when I saw myself
that he is limping and not using his front leg). The result was - movement not as usual and on these
circumstances are Exc2, res CAC on Saturday and Exc1, CAC on Monday fantastic results :-)
Our B half sister Holy made her show debut and managed it very well, all three days
very promising 1. Congratulations to owner and handler :-)
Thanks Ildi and Stephen, Miladka, Ivka and Majka for a great company.
And as all the shows pictures are very similar, this time we put one from the backstage.


This rainy weekend we spent on shows in Incheba, both days result excellent 3. 


09.05.2010 CLUB SHOW SKCHR
Yesterday it was the most important day in our dog life – CLUB SHOW and breeding exam. Short time before
we entered the ring it started raining and this weather Lennox (and I think most of RR´s) does not like very much
and I was little bit afraid about our result. Mr. judge Herian surprised us a little and we were more
walking than running, but anyway we got
next competitions:
best head - 2nd place
best ridge - 1st place


After the show Lennox passed the breeding exam and became a STUD DOG.
(I think I will not speak with him about it for a while, he could be very self-important)

03.05.2010 CAC KAPUVÁR 
 Yesterday we entered our first show in Hungary this year. The weather and show place was very
pleasant and we did our first adult Hungarian Excellent 1, CAC and started our Hungarian champion title.
Big congratulations especially to Simba for BOB and res BIG.

Today we spent part of our day relaxing in our garden, Lennox was very serious,
 I think it was too warm day for him, and we took some pictures...

First spring photos with our best friend Zarka.


27.03.2010 CAC NITRA
Today we entered our first show in intermediate class - CAC Nitra, not in ideal form and mood, and after first
test round, when Lennox jumped like a goat, also without ambition for good result. But anyway, Lennox
did it and finished his title




Today we celebrate small half anniversary - Leňušiak is 18 months old. I have red in books that around
18 months adolescent seizures can appear, and the best medicine is at least 15 kilometers run by the bicycle,
but I think and I hope that we solved these problems around 13 months of age. And the time goes so fast,
in a while the puppy and adolescent will be a dog…




 We have just spent our most successful show weekend – in a big competition among juniors - on Saturday 15 and Sunday 12, we managed fantastic result both days – EXC 1, CAJC, best young, and we have also  finished Czech junior championship and shows in a junior class.
And I am sure you have noticed, that we have set up a new web page, thanks to Miladka :-)

IMG_3468 IMG_3505-1


 S ubúdajúcim snehom sa nám všetkým zlepšuje nálada, Erdík sa opaľuje za sklom skoro celé dni, a Leňušiak sa zase s veľkou radosťou preháňa po svojich kopčekoch v lese. Už len pár dní a bude úplne po snehu, dúfam že definitívne, a začne jar, na ktorú sa veľmi tešíme... 

IMG_3518-1 IMG_3526-2


Today I thought that we have a good light to take some photos with our RR friend Zarka, but when we came into the forest, there was no sun. Anyway, we tried to take some ...

IMG_3414 IMG_3438


Yesterday we had a photo shooting with Miladka Krchňavá. Boys appeared like photo models, Erdo was first day without seams and enjoyed it very much. Pictures are great – look yourself :-)


08.01.2010 CAC OLOMOUC

We managed babysitting for Erdo and left to our first show in 2010 – CAC Olomouc. The journey and weather was terrible, but anyway we arrived on time. Leňuch in a great humour  mood started 2010 season with EXC 1, CAJC, best young and made us really happy. But we were much more happy coming home and see Erdo with his pillow in his trap, and from 5 p.m. frisking in front of pantry, waiting for his dinner.




2010 year started dramatically, right second day grow on Erdo´s leg big cyst, from morning till evening. Next day we went to our vet doctor Katka, and result was immediate operation. We were very afraid about our little old man, but he is very strong and brave and he decided, that he wants to stay with us. However, our fight with the disease is not over, Erdo is doing very well, he would like to run across the snow, but he can not yet.
Thanks to all our friends, who thought about him and sent him a lot of angels. And thanks to our doctor Katka, for helping him to stay with us again.