ERDÉSZ Stará Lúka
 26.05.1997 - 30.01.2013
SPKP: 1135


Erďášik, Hungarian viszla is our first dog. We don´t have him since he was puppy, we had adopted him when he was seven years old. His journey to our house was difficult and it's a long story, and mostly sad. Our hearts he gained immediately. Originally, we went "only to have look" at him to one dogs hotel, where he was waiting for more than a year. From the first moment he saw us, he knew that he got a chance to leave with us and he was doing everything to like him and take him out of there. Although we had at home absolutely nothing for him, he was leaving with us and we went straight to buy dog bed, bowls and granules ... Simply, one day on January, he came to our house and hearts and he is ours. Perhaps for his eventful past he was always afraid that we lost him, and he never lost. Above all, he loves us, sunbathing, carry sticks, balls and chase cats, nowadays without success. Erďášik is our sweetheart.
Thanks to him we decided to have ridgeback. First we thought about livernose, but finally blacknosed Lennox came to our house…
Erdo has died in age almost 16 years. He came to our house and hearts when he was almost 8 and lived with us next 8 years. We will never forget you, darling ♥