A-pupies were born 01.04.2017!
more info about A LITTER HERE

what we offer:
- all our expreriences with small pupies, adolescents but also with aging and really old dogs
-  well socialized pupy bred in our living room and the garden, accustomed to contact with humans, children as well as other dogs
- purchase contract, vaccinated, dewormed puppy of course with FCI pedigree and pet passport
- complete information about parents, a copy of their medical tests complete information about the whole litter
-basic packet for first days in a new home, information about other vaccinations
- lifelong contact

what we expect from you:
- short info abot you and family which part our puppy will be
- your experiences with Rhodesian Ridgeback or another breed
- why you decided to have Rhodesian Ridgeback
- info about activities you plan wizh puppy
- info why did you choose our kennel